Considering an Abortion?

There are two questions you should reflect on before making any permanent pregnancy decisions.

1. Am I really pregnant?
We can provide you with a highly accurate, clinical pregnancy test completely free! If the test is positive, we can provide you with an ultrasound to determine how far along you are and to confirm if it is in fact a viable pregnancy.

2. How far along am I?

We are honored to provide a safe place at Care Net Manasota to gather medically accurate information about your pregnancy and pregnancy options (abortion, adoption or parenting), from a source that does not profit from abortion, adoption or any of your pregnancy decisions.

We are not an abortion clinic or an abortion referral service, but we are here as a team of fellow women to serve and support you through this process, with no pressure or judgment.

How far along you are will determine what kind of abortion procedure you would be eligible to receive. Truthfully, all abortion procedures cost money and cause risks to your health. We know that an unexpected pregnancy can create a lot of questions with no easy answers, but we would be honored to provide you with a free confirmation ultrasound and discuss all of your fears with you. You deserve honesty, education, and hope.

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