Adoption Referrals


An unexpected pregnancy can be one of the scariest things a woman will face in her life. What about school? What about her career? What will she do next? How soon does she have to make a decision? What are all of her options?

She Has Time.

We encourage our clients to give herself time to make an informed decision. Here is the truth:

She Can Make An Adoption Plan. We Can Help.

What will the plan look like? What resources can she/they explore and what decisions can they make right now that will be best for their future and for their baby? So many thoughts go into making parenting decisions. At Care Net Manasota we want to empower, never push for a parenting decision. It’s emotional as it is, and we are here to walk through this journey as much as she/they needs.

Adoption is an option. We can offer free and confidential adoption support and referrals.