Courageous- Post-Abortion Healing


Courageous is our Post-Abortion Healing and Recovery Program. Post-Abortive Stress is a very real reaction to an abortion decision and may include inability to deal with painful memories and emotions associated with the unexpected pregnancy and the procedure itself. Symptoms of PAS may include guilt, anxiety, psychological “numbing”, depression, difficulty bonding and more. Know, there is hope, and help is available. Jesus loves these clients, and the whole goal of this program is to reveal that light and forgiveness to the women and men who bravely take on this journey. The advocates who teach this class are usually relatable to what the client is walking through. We have found that makes it easier to talk about when the advocate’s heart personally understand the internal struggles. We are honored to help you navigate through the pain to discover healing and freedom. All someone must do to be a part of these classes, is to call or text the center and make an appointment.